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August 27, 2015
this is how i do it

this is how i do it

Crikey, it was May, now it’s the end of August.  Somewhere between I have carried on doing what I do, and having a pretty good time doing that.  I think.  I can’t actually remember.

Here are some things that I do remember in no particular order.

I saw my beloved friend Maire who stayed for a weekend and brought sunshine and jollity in to the house as always;  Russell and I have hosted many airb&b guests, lots from France plus 2 sets of Kate and James’, consecutively;   we also welcomed the lovely George (new associate director at Bristol Old Vic) to stay and he is now practically family;  Russell and I went to Edinburgh and saw lots of family, art, theatre and Juliet Binoche, like you do;  lovely extended family wedding in Surrey (had forgotten how beautiful that county is);  I became a signed up member of the re-hab gym and can now do 45 forward extensions without dying (started at 10 and thought I was going to expire right there);

this is EXactly what I look like when doing my exercises.

this is EXactly what I look like when doing my exercises.

I had my birthday and Russell had his four days later (we do this every year);  we celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  Obviously I continued to work etc all the while, yada yada.

I am currently sitting at the kitchen table of the little Pembrokeshire hideaway, recently returned to us by a longish term tenant (and now available to all family and friends who wish to use it).

Sunny lane

Sunny lane

It is lovely to be back here, and because the café is shut this week for our annual hols (skipadee!) I am here on my own to bash our second and most wonderful Café Cook Book.  So I am writing my blog, doing yoga, dusting corners, planning lunch…  Truthfully though it is coming together well, and I am happy with progress so far – hopefully it will be done in time for Christmas (shhhh…).

It is raining, of course, with intermittent sunny spells, it is summer after all.  I don’t care because I am very busy writing.  And picking the beans that the tenant kindly left growing for us and buying eggs from the farm next door (they are really good).

eggs and beans, all you need

eggs and beans, all you need

That’s it.  Watch out for the book and then BUY IT please.  Over and out.





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  1. August 27, 2015 12:08 pm

    of course I forgot to mention that post the lovely wedding we stayed with dearly beloved sister and family in Brighton – included a brief but wonderful sea side walk and more food that you can shake a hungry husband at.

  2. Russell permalink
    August 27, 2015 3:25 pm

    Yes, buy the cookbook so I can retire in the manner in which I have become accustomed. Or maybe just so you can make some very nice food. Try making pizza dough. it really works.

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