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What next?

June 8, 2020

A new post on my new site – what next?

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  1. Benet Haughton permalink
    June 10, 2020 9:57 am

    Dear Lizzie i am moved by your good writing and passion…and your wit, though this blog carries a heft that the scenario you address warrants. I just want to add one thing; to say that making masks, writing and scribbling, as you call it, are needed…quite as much as social actions. i know social action is ‘proper work’ and i as an artist ( i now dare call myself this!) have wrestled with this same question over many years. But i have come to respect what i do in my studio and if i love it then i am very lucky. Guilt of the kind that makes us devalue who we are is not useful. I think you understand this. I use the term ‘who we are’ because it is in with the bricks and mortar, this art making, this writing of yours, this creativity with food etc. For you as for many of us in our family it is deeply formative and important. Value it dear Lizzie. Do you know this poem by Bob Lax…i am unsure if it will be posted on this but i will send if not. It is a great meditation on this. Lots of love. Benet

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