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Here’s to it!

I am number 9 in a family of 10 children, to which two more were added as foster siblings when I was five.  My mother is a writer and feminist theologian.  My father was an English and drama teacher.  We are all quite old now, grey or greying.  It doesn’t seem right, but there we are.

I live in Bristol in a really nice house which keeps me fit (ish) because there are so many stairs.  My initial joy at moving from a series of basement flats into a house on three floors with views and stairs and everything, has diminished slightly over the years because the thing you need is always two floors away.  The views are still great though.

These things I know…

Nothing ever turns like you planned.

Bristol is not the centre of the universe.

My son is 16.   17.   18.   19.  20.  21. Holy mackerel, he’s 23! 24.

Married Russell Walker in April 2012.  Being married is (still) really nice.

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